Black Violin's UNITY Tour - Stanford University Bing Concert Hall

Kevin Sylvester and Wil Baptist have been hidden gems for a while and that will definitely change overnight.  From playing on tracks by super star artist Jay Z to performing at the White House for President Barak Obama's Inauguration, it goes without saying that the Violin and Viola will quickly become the most sought after instrument of choice to learn among children, youth and young adults.  Why?  Because these gentlemen have mastered the art of blending their trained classical music skills with their love of hip hop music to break society's stereotype, and it's only the beginning.

Black Violin at Bing Conert Hall

Enjoy these clips from their performance on January 28, 2017 at Stanford University's Bing Concert Hall.  It's an enjoyable ride so hold on to your seats.  And go!

How the party started at Bing Concert Hall at Stanford University -

An original never rehearsed piece by Black Violin -

Do you recognize this familiar piece? A Black Violin Moment -